Today’s Fire Service - The Role of The Officer & Senior Firefighter

Today’s fire service is an ever-changing profession. Recently, many studies have been done on firefighting tactics that are producing hard to swallow changes and catchy phrases like “hitting it hard from the yard.” and “beware of the flow path”. One must ask themselves “are we re-inventing the wheel or do we really need to better understand our trade.” This program will discuss today’s fireground and how we need to understand our enemy in order to achieve success. Modern building hazards and fire dynamics will be discussed as well tactical considerations such as search, VEIS, and ventilation. The importance of proper wearing of PPE and a discussion on the increase of maydays in the fire service will close out our presentation. An emphasis on “The 10 Minute Drill” will be promoted to better train today’s firefighter with a simplistic yet effective approach. This is a must attend program that will be valuable to all ranks from probie to chief of department.

 Emphasis will be on the role of the company officer / senior firefighter. Topics to be discussed will include:

• Evaluating ourselves as leaders
• History – How it can effect our success
• Modern Fire Behavior & Construction’s effect on fire attack
• Vent-Enter- Isolate & Search, is it practical in the urban and rural setting
• Size-up & Effective Radio Communications
• “The 10 Minute Drill” – motivating our people to want to learn
• Dealing with “Dinosaur Eggs”
• Our Obligations…..

PowerPoint, and video presentations will be used to motivate the attendees to participate in open-group discussions throughout the day. 

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